To be captain is no easy task. It’s not about how much talent or skill you have — it’s about how hard you’re willing to work. A captain leads by example, treats others with respect and expects nothing in return. A captain demands the absolute best because a captain never settles. Never makes excuses. Never cuts corners. Never asks “Why me?” To be captain means to be tough. To be disciplined. To be confident. A captain does not fear failure, but learns, grows and comes back stronger because of it. A captain shows up early and stays late. A captain sees every obstacle as a new opportunity. A captain makes decisions based on purpose and intent. A captain rises by lifting others. Do you have what it takes? Let me help you through your journey. Check out my fitness and nutrition guides today.


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CPT Fit Fuel Guide

The CPT FIT FUEL GUIDE is an e-book filled with all of my favorite yummy recipes, a grocery list, my best nutrition tips & hacks, my favorite product brands, tons of healthy snack ideas, supplement help, a meal plan and MORE!


CPT Fit & Fuel Guide Bundle Deals

If you want to get the most out of your workouts and see the best results, you must first have your diet in check. This is why I combined my 8-week Fit Guide with my Fuel Guide for an amazing deal! Following these two Guides together will provide you with everything you need to crush your health and fitness goals.


My biggest challenge is not the ache in my lungs or the burning in my legs. It’s the voice in my head telling me, “I can’t.” I have taught myself to ignore my thoughts and to drown out all the doubt. To push harder and to remember why I started on this journey. My mission is to help that little voice in your heads fade away too. For you to whisper to yourselves when you are in pain & about to give up, “I can.” That is the moment that you will discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the person you are now, and not even close to the person you are about to become!



Glutes Guide


8-Week Gym Guide


Core Guide