Workout Challenge of the Month: 1000 Rep Full Body Circuit


Full body fast workouts are quickly becoming my favorite! They not only challenge your body and mind, but they are also super effective when it comes to time and showing visible results.

This month, my workout challenge is this 1000 rep full body circuit! Push yourself as hard as you want during these circuits, but the most important thing to focus on is proper form and technique — and on having fun, of course!

Since this is the first month that I’m starting these “workout challenge” blog posts, let me explain a little bit. Each month, I’m going to choose a workout I’ve done that I think not only a challenge, but is also fun! Grab your workout buddy and complete the challenge each week to try to beat your previous score/time! Let me know how you do! I always love being tagged in your Instagram posts, so please tag me and use my hashtag #teamcpt so I can see the work you’re putting in! If you guys have any suggestions or preferences, please let me know.

Learn more about this month’s challenge below! One challenge a month is not enough to get you the results you are looking for, though. When you know exactly what needs to get done & the steps it takes to get there then It’s hard to fall off track. Establishing a set routine & plan is the main reason I created my CPT Fitness Guides!. Because it’s what you do every single day that gets you results.

The Workout: 1000 Rep Full Body Circuit

Save this workout for the next time you want to feel it EVERYWHERE!

Complete 4×25 reps of the following exercises as fast as possible:

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. V-Ups
  3. Air squats
  4. Sit-ups
  5. Push-ups
  6. Side lunges (left)
  7. Side lunges (right)
  8. Tricep dips
  9. Burpees
  10. Commandos


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How Full Body Circuits Help

So, there are many benefits of full body circuits, which is why I love to incorporate these into my regular exercise routine. They target many areas of your body, including your core, arms, legs, glutes and back. On top of that, they will ensure your entire body feels the burn — and who doesn’t love that feeling of accomplishment?

Here are a few more benefits of full body circuits:

  • You’ll get maximized results in minimum time.
  • You get the benefits of both cardio and strength training.
  • Your metabolism will thank you!
  • Your entire body will be challenged.
  • You can combat any gym boredom you may be experiencing or workout from the comfort of your own home

The best part about full body circuits is that they can be performed just about anywhere, ranging from the great outdoors to your home to the gym. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in this crazy health and fitness world, full body circuits are simple and challenging enough for anyone to follow.

After you complete this full body circuit, take a few minutes to self-reflect. Self-reflection is essential if you want to achieve a goal or follow your passion — which, I hope all of you do! Take the time to ask yourself what your values are and to think about your perceptions and interactions with others. Take a minute to think about where you see yourself in the future.

And most importantly, take a minute to be proud of yourself. You just finished a kick-butt workout and are one step closer to reaching your personal health and fitness goals!

If you want to get in the best shape of your life to discover the best version of yourself, check out my fitness guides for help and advice. You can also check out my nutrition guide for eating tips and tricks.

As always,

Control your mind.

Conquer your body.

Be Captain.


And of course, if you have any questions at all, please reach out to me whenever you can! My mission is to help as many people I can achieve their dream bodies, and that can all start by sending me a quick note.