After years of long distance running and cardio, I was looking for a program to help me build muscle and get comfortable lifting weights. I am so glad that I purchased the CPT Fit Guide. I loved the format of the guide, including structured training and videos demonstrating each exercise. I have always been afraid of lifting weights because I thought it would make me “bulky.” I now understand that lifting weights will actually help me achieve my goals and make me a stronger version of myself. It has helped me gain confidence and I have fallen in love with lifting weights. I would highly recommend the CPT Fit Guide to anyone who is new to lifting weights or anyone who wants a more structured plan to follow.


-Claire Sanner

I’m loving Claire’s Core Guide and want everybody to know how amazing it is!

Only buy this guide if you´re ready to feel what true pain is! You might not going to be able to laugh or sneeze the next day after the workout. It’s amazing, easy to follow (contains links to videos), it requires some equipment for some workouts, but others are just body weight and just as intense. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. You have seen her abs, this is how we´ll get them!


I purchased Claire’s Fit Fuel Guide and I am in LOVE! It has been life changing!

Counting macros takes time to get used to, but she take the guesswork out with her delicious recipes.  Also, evenings had always derailed me with my nutrition goals because I CRAVE sweets after dinner. Her mug cake recipes have been the game changer!  I look forward to them EVERY NIGHT! A sweet treat that is so satisfying, but allows me to keep my goals in check.

I've been following Claire for a while now, she have been so inspiring!


First off, Claire is the most self-less, giving, and passionate person and I don’t even know her that well. From talking to her, asking advice, and following her and her Guides, I have become a completely different individual. I’m more confident, collected, cautious, motivated, determined, and accountable. My experience and back story was filled with a lot of negative words, negative encouragement, and constant comparisons with girls that looked how “I should look”. Through all this negativity I struggled to find myself and my way. I tried a variety of programs like: Insanity, T-25, 21-day Fix, V-Shred, etc. and they just did not work for me. I would quit one to two weeks in and abort all healthy eating. I was at a place in my life where I didn’t think I could look better or feel better and that’s when I found Claire. When I came across her guides I told myself that this was my last try to find “my thing” and something that stuck. I read her posts, followed her on Instagram, and watched her stories on her success and her mission to help others achieve their goals. I decided to use my Christmas money and go for it. I’m so glad I did. I’m 5 weeks into her CPT Fit Guide 1.0, as well as her Core and Fuel Guides and have never felt better. I’ve never looked better or been more confident in my life. She has changed my life not only by introducing me to her killer guides but 1st phorm supplements (i use the post workout stack and level 1 protein). I never thought I could get to where I was and I am here. Thank you Claire for showing not only me but men and women everywhere that they can accomplish anything. I 20/10 recommend that anyone do her guides and follow her!

-Allie Smith

I recently purchased the Fit 1.0 guide from Claire's website with the glutes guide, and core guide. I have always enjoyed working out but I was truly needing a change when I found Claire's programs. I am very impressed by how easy to read the guides are, and the videos attached to each exercise in the guide. I love being able to click an exercise and watch the video while I warm up so that I know what I should be doing. I am currently preparing for my wedding, and the workouts have made me feel so confident and lean! I receive many compliments daily and it has only been 3 weeks since I switched to Claire's programs! I cannot wait to see the change in my body after 8 weeks ! Thank you Claire for developing these awesome and easy to follow guides!


I wanted to take a moment to just say how much I LOVE the CPT Fit Guides!!!

I have tried several plans before landing on these. While others contain valuable info too ~ Claire’s are so concise, easy to understand and super effective!

I workout a lot ~ and while they are easy to understand, they are not just easy workouts!! It can fit ANY level and are truly amazing workouts that challenge and WORK to SHAPE that bod!!  A HUGE plus is the easy hyperlink to the videos for each workout!

ALSO, the Fit Fuel Guide is AWESOME! Again...easy yet totally effective!! (and so GOOD!) The protein mug cake is an evening sweet tooth saver!!

Your body goals will thank you!


I am currently in my second week of the CPT Fit Guide 2.0 after finishing 1.0. I bought these back during Black Friday. I wanted to change up my routine after using Jillian Michaels workouts for a year, who I love and who got me started on my fitness journey. However, I wanted to be stronger and have more definition than what I was getting with her workouts. I found Claire’s page while scrolling through Instagram one day and decided to give her workouts a shot.


So far they are everything I have wanted. I am so much stronger than I was 10 weeks ago. I’m doing things in the gym I didn’t think was possible for me. I didn’t lift or play typical sports growing up, so I had no idea what to do in the gym. Claire’s YouTube videos really help me know what to do and how I should keep my form.  I’ll admit, it was hard to start seeing the scale go up after losing 12 lbs when I started working out consistently a year ago, but I had to remind myself that muscle weighs more.

I also purchased the Core and Glutes Guides and they are also very helpful. Waiting for 3.0! 🙂


First I want to say that Claire is such an inspiration and blessing to women everywhere (and men no doubt)!

She exudes positivity, strength, compassion, and self-love!

The CPT Fit Guide has been a game changer for me! As a mom of two, a 3 year old and 2 month old, Claire’s Guide has made it so easy for me to prepare meals and stay on track, and not to mention my toddler LOVES her recipes! I love how she lays out the supplements she take and explains why each one is beneficial, as that has always been the area I lack in. I’ve been using Claire’s Guide for about 2 months now and I can definitely see a change in my postpartum body already! Thank you Claire for your hard work and dedication to fitness. Never stop being YOU!

-Karley Ritchie

This summer i completed the CPT Fit Guide 2.0 and saw the best results I’ve seen since I’ve been working out! I’ve worked out my whole life, but have never seen actual progress in my body! I don’t know the weight difference because I like to go off of how I feel versus the scale. Claire’s Fit Guide was the best investment I have ever made! Thank you Claire, for being you and for always encouraging your followers!!

-Ali Timlin

I absolutely love the CPT Fit Fuel guide!!! Not only are the recipes so good, but they are so easy to make! I can find most of the ingredients at Walmart or target which is super convenient. I would definitely purchase another nutrition guide if Claire made one!


-Brooke Buffington

First of all, I want to say that Claire is a true inspiration. She is such a positive person and watching her Instagram stories/posts keeps me motivated to become a better person inside and out!

The CPT Fit Guide has changed my body in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined. I’m challenging myself in the gym everyday, making healthier food choices, and I’m becoming leaner and leaner everyday! Her Guide has taught me to be more disciplined in the gym and I push myself through every rep and set and I’m seeing a lot of positive results!


Just wanting to say thank you for being such a positive influence to the world!


I love love love Claire’s Nutrition Guide. My favorite thing about the guide is the grocery list! I love that she cooks with ingredients that you can easily find at Walmart, and are affordable and actually taste good! The meals are easy, recognizable from things I’m used to eating (just made a bit healthier) and don’t break my bank haha! The deserts she has are also super nice because everyone needs to indulge in their sweet tooth and the different protein pancakes and mug cakes totally hit the spot! I’ve had this guide for a while now and I use it all the time!


-Sloan Lovin

I purchased the CPT Fit Guide 2.0 as well as the Glutes and Core Guides. I found the exercises and the progressively increasing difficulty to be enjoyable and challenging. Claire made the Guides easy to follow with accompanying videos; she was also very responsive whenever I had clarification questions. Using the guides together allowed me to have a comprehensive and structured approach to my daily routine with a manageable time commitment, which is exactly what I need! I saw gains in strength and overall fitness when I finished the guide. I hope she continues to create more guides like this!





I just finished Claire’s Fit Guide 1.0 (I got the Fuel and Core guide to go with it) and I saw results within the first week!! My arms and my legs toned out, I felt more energized, I felt happier, and I still feel these even after finishing it! It’s so easy to follow and it’s incredibly well designed and structured! I have never loved the way I look and now I’m more confident about my figure! I LOVE how this guide pushes you and challenges you to be better! It truly is THE BEST guide I’ve ever followed! The DAY I finished 1.0, I purchased her 2.0 Guide and the Glutes Guide! I’m THAT obsessed!!


If you are an individual who is looking to not only change your physique but change your mindset...THIS IS THE GUIDE FOR YOU!! Claire is phenomenal and a great coach! She answered a number of questions I had, which made it that much easier for me to be successful!! Stop wasting your time on other programs!! CPT Fit is the program y’all have been wanting you just don’t know it yet! So purchase it now! 🙂


-Ali Smith

Fitness has been a passion of mine for a few years, but I never wanted to branch out and try new workouts. I was hitting a plateau in the gym both physically AND mentally. I wasn’t able to push past my maximum amount of weight in several different areas (squats, bench press, etc.). I also did the SAME workouts every time, with the same splits...until I discovered Claire’s FIT Guides. I began following her on instagram and instantly became enthralled by her dedication to her work and how incredibly strong she is. I purchased the CPT FIT Guide 2.0 and immediately got to work. The benefits of this showed themselves almost immediately. By changing my workout schedule, and following the 8 phases in the FIT guide, I saw progress in how much I was able to lift as well as looking more toned and feeling better about my physique. After completing the 8 phases and loving the results, I purchased her Core Guide which has, hands down, some of the greatest and most challenging yet effective core workouts. I’ve done workout programs made by other awesome fit ladies (who I found via instagram) but the FIT Guides by Claire take the cake. Or should I say, they take the protein mug cake! I’m so thankful to Claire for the work she puts into these guides, they have helped me tremendously on my fitness journey.


-Chloe Mesa


A couple months ago I was struggling to see results and struggling to perform well in the pool (I’m a competitive swimmer for the college I attend). I had been following you on Instagram for some time and decided to give your Fit Fuel Guide a try and see if it would change things.


At first glance I was quickly amazed by how much GOOD food I could eat! I had always tried to follow strict meal plans that left me fatigued, hungry, and often led to me binge eating things I shouldn’t be eating......


I am so grateful I stumbled across your Instagram one day and decided to follow you. Not only have I gained extensive knowledge about wholesome, delicious foods, I eat way more than I ever thought I could, but I have also gotten so much stronger in the gym, pool, and mentally as well. I never go through the day hungry or cranky because I have to stick to a “diet”. I really saw your guide and the recipes you provide as a lifestyle change, and I was even able to take my knowledge from reading the CPT Fuel Guide and translate it into my own recipes.

I have recommended your guide to most of my teammates and to anyone I have talked to struggling with eating good, balanced meals. I love this guide and I hope you come out with more similar to this one!!

Thank you Claire 🙂

-Kat Hargis

I bought your CPT Fit Guide 2.0 at the beginning of last summer. I had been struggling with weight/staying in shape because of school. I am a full time college student and aspiring to be a nurse, which means grades are a number one priority for me. I found that I gained that freshman 15 and it really bummed me out. Working out was a stress relief for me and I played multiple sports in high school, so it was kind of a shock for me. I found the motivation to go to the gym but sometimes I was not really sure what to do that would get me out of a rut that I had hit. With your Fit Guide 2.0, I found the structured workouts that I needed to really kill at the gym and it resulted in losing some weight but overall I toned up and ultimately now love the way I look! I loved your Guide because after a couple weeks you changed it up and added something new in it to push me even harder. I did like that there was set days for cardio because, although I love running, it can start to get boring a monotonous. I also feel like for the average person who works or goes to school it was a perfect amount of time. It was enough time to make going to the gym seem "worth it" (it takes me 15 minutes to drive to the gym I go to), and was short enough to not make it feel like I was spending my whole day in the gym and allowed me to do everything else I needed to get done that day.

I also loved the fact that I could click the title for a video because it allowed me to see the form I needed or if I did not know what it was to see. To me, that was a major difference in your Fit Guide compared to other fit guides I have tried. Another small thing was that the format you put it in was so appealing to the eye and VERY organized which was great!


-Haley Porter

I’ve been working out consistently for the past two years and I generally followed workouts I saw on Instagram to build my gym routine. After wanting some more structure and consistency in my workouts, I bought the CPT Fit Guide 1.0, Core Guide, and Glutes Guide as Claire was one of my fav go-to Instagram workout inspos. Her plan provided the structure I needed, but still gave me the flexibility to incorporate my own favorite exercises. The Glutes & Core Guide were great to sprinkle on top of workouts as well. I highly recommend buying all three as they compliment each other very well. The best part about this program was I finally achieved my first unassisted pull-up after 5 weeks of her program. I’ve been trying to perfect a pullup for 2 years now, and I was able to do it in 5 weeks with this program - I think it’s safe to say, I’m a CPT Fit fan and highly recommend it to those looking to build strength / consistency / skill in their workouts!


-Madison Josephson

I bought your CPT Fit Guide in 2018 and I have never been happier with my purchase. I was starting to hit a wall with my workouts and my motivation and enjoyment towards the gym started to decrease. Purchasing your guide provided me a new workout routine and a way to fall in love with working out again. I noticed my strength increase and changes in my body too. Your guides provided a great burn and a great feeling of accomplishment. Thank you for putting so much effort, love, and time into these guides cause it truly shows. Also loved loved loved the videos attached with the guides. Thank you for the constant inspiration!


- Alisha

I officially started your Fit Guide 1.0 as a birthday present to myself. I had been following you on Instagram for a few months but I was already doing a challenge by another person, so I waited on buying. Before I review the actual product I have to say thank you for not pushing your product on others. You come across, at least to me, as someone who genuinely cares for your product. I really appreciate that you took the time to provide the video tutorials for each lift. I am a visual person and I need to see the correct form and move in order for me to properly execute it. You break down everything so it is easy for any leveled person may do it. I like how you added more so that every person can make it their own. I have lost 3 pounds in the 6 days that I have used your Guide! By combining it with your recommended 1st Phorm products and with your nutrition Guide, I am well on my way to achieving my desired results. Currently, I am saving up to buy the rest of your Guides now! Thank you so much!


-Katelyn Wilmer

Let me just say holy cow I never realized how weak my abs are! I do CrossFit 5 days a week and I just thought I’d buy your guide and throw in some ab workouts after my WODs. My abs have been on fire! Haven’t completed it all yet, but I love it!



Hi Claire I am a client/fan of yours and I purchased a few of your Guides! I have been focused on getting my nutrition right so I have been using your Fuel Guide for some time. Not only do you make the food fun, it tastes amazing and it’s so simple to make! The Guide is college student friendly. I am in classes all day Monday through Thursday and I’m able to pack multiple meals and eat them throughout the day. It helps me eat the right amount of meals and food I need and also helps me save money!


-Brianna Kelly

Claire’s CPT Fit Fuel Guide is a life changer. I have always thought I ate pretty clean, but Claire’s guide has taught me a whole new meaning on eating right. You don’t have to hate eating healthy! Eating clean can taste delicious too and Claire’s guide has some amazing recipes. Not only are there recipes in her guide, there are some awesome tips and tricks that are extremely helpful while shopping. So worth the purchase!

-Kayla Taylor

After following Claire's instagram for many months and admiring her creative exercises and goddess-like abs, I finally took the plunge and purchased the Core and Glutes Guide Bundle! I like how she includes videos of each exercise and that she breaks it down into levels, as well as incorporates different pieces of equipment. This really gives me the flexibility for when I am either traveling and have limited equipment or want to change up my routine. I've done Crossfit, Orange Theory, Kayla Itsine's Sweat, and a bodybuilding-type programming. I must say, I still incorporate some of Claire's core and glute moves in my weekly training schedule and have shown others those similar moves!


-Nancy Yu

I have purchased Claire’s CPT Fit Guide 1.0 & 2.0 as well as her Fuel Guides and am obsessed! I finished her 1.0 guide and just started week 2 of her 2.0 guide. These guides are so easy to follow and do at any gym. I also love how she has cardio day ideas that are outside. For example sprints on a football field. I personally love working out outside so any time there is an option to do that I will.  Being a very visual learner the videos really make it easy for me to understand each exercise. Never in my life have I been able to do push up. Not only can I now do 25 pushups in a row I am able to do decline push-ups as well! I am still in shock of how toned my arms and back have become since doing her guides. I have always worked out but felt so lost in the gym jumping from one machine to another not really working a certain muscle group. These CPT Guides have given me a focus in the gym and what muscles to work each day. I highly recommend these guides to all my friends and have had many of my friends join me in them. Not to mention how affordable they are! I have paid over hundreds of dollars a month to do a local boxing class and never saw results like I have in just 8 weeks of these guides. The fuel guide is also AMAZING!! Having a huge sweet tooth Claire’s protein mug cakes are the BEST dessert! I do not feel guilty eating this every night! Once finishing the 2.0 guide I am looking forward to buying the Glute & Core guides.



I am writing to thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to me and for creating this beautiful platform.

After months and months of comparing different guides I bought your Fit Guide 1.0 bundle including the Core and Glutes Guides and it has changed the way I look at the gym and strength training. This guide has increased my endurance, made me stronger, and increased my drive to try new things and go out of my comfort zone.

I would recommend this guide for anyone that is new to strength training or trying to build a set routine at the gym. Thank you again for being a great inspiration and keep doing you!



I have been following you on Instagram for a while, and you have inspired me so much! I purchased Opti-Greens 50 per your recommendation, and I am so happy I did! After trying out some of the workouts you posted on Instagram, I finally decided to purchase your Fit Guide and Core Guide in January.


It can be intimidating to be either the only girl or one of a few girls in the weight room on my college campus, so I love that your guides have links to videos that make me feel absolutely confident using the equipment and weights. I am a dancer, so I am used to training legs, but one of my goals for this year was to work on upper body strength. Your fit guide really helps me focus on muscles I don’t normally use, and I already feel so much stronger in my pushups and will keep working towards my 2019 goal to do a pull-up! I love that your workouts actually make me feel sore the next day, and I know that I am pushing myself.


Overall, I love your guides and can’t wait to see my progress continue over the next few months!



I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much of an inspiration you’ve been to me!! A few months back I started taking my supplements seriously and it’s made such a difference. Can’t go a day without my Opti-Greens and am in love with my post workout supplements from 1st Phorm. Thank you for all your tips and recommendations, it’s helped me tremendously!

-Cayla Schmidt

I have been wanting to email you for a while because the Fit Guide is amazing! I am a vegetarian but was able to really easily make substitutes, if needed. The guide is so beautiful and is clearly the result of a lot of thought and hard work — from the design, to the grocery list, and everything in between. Some of my favorite meals include the protein mug cake (duh) and the spaghetti squash bowls. As a grad student, I was also so appreciative of how cost-conscious you are and considerate of people with different backgrounds, diets, etc.


Overall, I just wanted to say a GIANT thank you. I will be a forever fan and cheerleader for you and would endorse anything you create. 🙂



Hey Claire!

I bought your fit guide 1.0 a little over 8 weeks ago. I wanted to show you the difference between before I started your guides! When I started it, I cleaned up my eating A LOT. I’m watching my carb and sugar intake. It’s definitely nowhere I want to be, but it’s progress nonetheless. Today was the first day in a few months I’ve taken a progress pic and I was so stoked to actually be able to see a difference. I’m going to use 1.0 for another 8 weeks to get the most out of it and then purchase the 2.0.

I wanted to let you know you have a strong supporter in me! Thank you for being humble and a genuine person on Instagram!

-Jennifer Zarazua

Hey Claire ! Just finished the 8 weeks from the first cpt fit guide and I’m absolutely in awe of how much stronger i have gotten! Finally able

To do a pull up I’m starting your 2.0 guide now! I’m so happy with my results not only physically but mentally as well as your guide has pushed me in the gym harder than i could have imagined. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically! Thank you for everything you are such an inspiration! Here are my progress pics from the 8 weeks

  • Arielle Garcia


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My biggest challenge is not the ache in my lungs or the burning in my legs. It’s the voice in my head telling me, “I can’t.” I have taught myself to ignore my thoughts and to drown out all the doubt. To push harder and to remember why I started on this journey. My mission is to help that little voice in your heads fade away too. For you to whisper to yourselves when you are in pain & about to give up, “I can.” That is the moment that you will discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the person you are now, and not even close to the person you are about to become!