CPT Fit Core Guide



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The CPT FIT CORE GUIDE is filled with tons of my favorite core exercises as well as other helpful tips to getting lean and toned abs.

What’s included:

A detailed document with 10 full core routines.  It is structured so that you can pick and choose which one you want to perform on any given day, allowing you a variety of options. Each exercise comes with a video tutorial of myself performing the workout to avoid confusion. Nutrition and other useful tips are also included!

Time frame:

There is no time frame, these core exercises can be used as frequently as desired.

What you will need:

Some of the CPT FIT CORE exercises require the use of equipment, while some do not require anything.

  • Bar to hang fully from
  • Decline bench & flat bench
  • Cable machine w/ rope handle & single grip attachments
  • Weight of some sort (medicine ball, dumbbell, kettle bell, weight plate etc.)
  • TRX Bands (optional)
  • Swiss/exercise ball

What is recommended:


If you are seeking to have a stronger core or even a 6-pack, this guide is not your only answer. In order to see optimal results you must increase your overall fitness level, which is planned out for you in my CPT FIT GUIDE.