Team Series

Buy Two Get The Third Free

The Team Series is the ultimate training guide trio! It is made up of this Home Team, Away Team & All Star Team Guides. The workouts in all 3 Guides are programmed & designed cohesively. Like a team, they work best together & you can utilize each of them, while staying on the same track towards your goals. By alternating between the Team Series, you’ll continue to challenge yourself, while benefiting from a diverse fitness routine.

Diversifying your routine keeps your body guessing & has major payoffs! Similar to how you may get bored with the same meals over & over again, your body gets bored with the same exercises time after time. Your muscles become immune to the movements & exertion – making your workouts less effective over time. Variety ensures that your workouts continue to work for you! It’s also a lot more fun to mix things up! On top of this, the Team Series provides an ample amount of workouts that you can choose wherever you decide to train!

Now, you might be wondering how you should alternate between the Team Series effectively. This is completely up to you & your personal schedule. As mentioned above, you will stay on the same track whether you decide to complete Day 1 from All Star Team, Day 2 from Home Team & Day 3 from Away Team. Maybe you decide to use a different Guide each week. It doesn’t matter how you choose to split the workouts up, as long as you continue to challenge yourself!

You can choose to purchase these Guides separately; however, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!