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This Not That: 10 Easy Diet Switches To Save Calories

Some of the most frequent questions I get here at CPT Fitness are related to diet and nutrition as much as they’re related to my personal fitness guides. I understand why this is something a lot of people struggle with, especially since it’s something that I used to struggle with in the past. Having a…

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Workout Challenge of the Month: 1000 Rep Full Body Circuit

Full body fast workouts are quickly becoming my favorite! They not only challenge your body and mind, but they are also super effective when it comes to time and showing visible results. This month, my workout challenge is this 1000 rep full body circuit! Push yourself as hard as you want during these circuits, but…

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About My CPT Fit Fuel Guide (And Why You Need It!)

Are you looking for a way to make nutrition simple and easy? Do you have a regular exercise routine, but have no idea what foods will best help your progress? Does food feel like your enemy or does proper nutrition confuse you? If you want to learn how to better fuel your body to reach…

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