Athletics have been the biggest part of my life since I can remember. I grew up playing soccer, basketball and track and went on to compete as a hurdler and heptathlete for the University of Oregon. Even though I no longer participate in sports, I am still drawn to the incredible moments where sheer human will and desire overcome the odds. For me, a sport does not end with the final buzzer of the clock or when crossing the finish line. Sports persist inside of me as the memories and emotions I feel get translated into a generalized conception of myself. Unfortunately, my collegiate track career ended because the sport that had once defined me was beginning to ruin me. My happiness was dwindling and I eventually developed an eating disorder. After about a year of rediscovering myself again, I found that my passion was not for competing in sports, but for competing to be my best physical and mental self! I had an epiphany, and at that exact moment I knew that I was going to help others achieve their best physical and mental selves, too! As a senior in college, I began to use social media to showcase my healthy lifestyle and to motivate others to workout, eat cleaner and ultimately live happier lives. Eventually, I turned my passion for health and fitness into my full-time career.


Exercise is my escape. It’s my go-to “feel good” that I can’t seem to find in anything else. I am infatuated by the way we can manipulate and design our bodies to grow, strengthen, stretch and shed in the ways we are committed to doing so.

Our bodies are the ONE thing that we live with every single second until our time is up. They are our permanent home and it is so important that we protect and treat them as well as we possibly can. I truly believe that when we commit to our health, we take control of every other aspects of our lives.

My biggest challenge is not the ache in my lungs or the burning in my legs. It’s the voice in my head telling me, “I can’t.” I have taught myself to ignore my thoughts and to drown out all the doubt. To push harder and to remember why I started on this journey.

My mission is to help that little voice in your head fade away too. For you to whisper to yourself when you are in pain & about to give up, “I can.”

That is the moment that you will discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the person you are now, and not even close to the person you are about to become!

If there is one thing more fulfilling to me than reaching a personal goal, it’s helping someone else reach one of their own. I want to help you! I want to share with you the tools and skills you can use to create your dream body. Most importantly, I want to guide you to become the best possible version of yourself. You deserve it!


It’s a funny coincidence that my initials, C. P. T. (Claire Pamela Thomas) also stand for Certified Personal Trainer. However, I like to call it fate that these initials are also the abbreviation for the word, Captain.

Growing up as an athlete, I worked incredibly hard to become the Captain of each of my teams. I strived to be a positive example and a strong leader — always. Letting my teammates down was never an option for me, and I will continue to carry that mentality with me for the rest of my life.

I see you as my teammate. We’re all in this big, scary, exciting game of life together! I need you just as much as you need me — because without support and trust, we would all fail.

It’s easy in life to blame others or obstacles for our lack of success. However, in reality, no one else is responsible for our success, our failures or our happiness other than ourselves. We are in control, and as William Ernest Henly put it, “We are the masters of our own fate and the captains of our souls.” We can sit in our little boats and let the currents of life aimlessly push us, or we can choose to take action, set our sights on what we really want, plot our course towards it and attain our goals.

I hope that you choose to go after what you truly want in this life. Don’t center your decisions around what will make other people happy. Figure out what truly ignites your fire and set sail fearlessly towards it.

Let me help guide you through your fitness journey. Check out my fitness guidesnutrition plans and health supplements and get started today!